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Stefan Cassar has been living in France since 1989, commuting between the major French cities teaching and performing. A graduate of the Royal Schools of Music in London as well as of the Ecole Normale Superieure de Musique de Paris where he studied after being awarded the Eyton Scholarship offered by the Albert Roussel Association of Paris, he studied under renowned masters including Germaine Mounier, Helena Czerny Stefanska and Valery Affanassiev. He also studied at the Mozarteum in Salzburg in Austria, as a scholarship student under Sergio Perticaroli.

Stefan Cassar is considered to be an established performer by the French papers. An article in Le Progrès de Lyon entitled Stefan Cassar le plus Lyonnais des Maltais, by Jean Didier Dery describes him as «a celebrated pianist on the music international scene and an ambassador of the city of Lyon ».

Referring to a recital in Leipzig, Germany’s Leipziger Volkszeitung observed the public’s enthusiasm for Cassar’s great artistic style in « Lyoner pianist begeistert mit grosser klavier Kunst ». Stefan Cassar is also very active holding master-classes around France. Every July, he travels to the south of France where, for the past four years, he has been organizing a summer piano academy close to Marseille on the French Riviera.


He regularly performs not only in France but also in other various European cities. This season's program will include recitals in Chicago and Berlin as well as a tournee across Switzerland next May.

In Zaragoza (Spain) he has recently given a recital organized by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the new M. Liminal Fazioli piano. M. Cassar gave two recitals organized by Paolo Fazioli three years ago in Cannes and Monaco to inaugurate this already famous instrument.

Major events included the annual music festival Un Piano à Collonges of which Stefan Cassar is artistic director. This takes place early June in the magnificent 16th century abbey of Collonges located in the midst of the picturesque country side surrounding Lyon. Stefan Cassar is one of its regular performers together with other renowned prestigious artists from all over France. He is also artistic director of the chamber music event Piano en Hiver in Belle-Ile en Mer in Brittany taking place over the Christmas season. He was one of its founders in 2001.

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